Sunday, March 18, 2007


Please add comments to this posting that identify constraints and enablers of the option of instructor led training given our learners and content.


Susan said...

1. Higher development cost.
2. Can't be reused for different batch of hires.
3. Difficult to control the quality of teaching.
4. Difficult to be widely distributed to perspective customers.

1. Easier to compromise on individual needs.

jeff said...

Assuming ILT includes student books, presentation from PPT, maybe some A/V gear. And trying not to overlap with Susan too much.

1. People often like personally-noted printed course books to refer back to, especially if not strongly computer based.
2. Collaborative atmosphere of classroom. Immediate sharing and comparison of experience. Learning from each other.
3. Instructor can adjust delivery, adding compassion, emotion, motivation as necessary

1. Updates can be expensive and slow
2. May be difficult to move find clssrooms, arrange the required equipment, reproduce documentats. All the logistics of scheduling classrooms, students, instructors, and gear.

jeff said...

Another enabler: Could use real maps, and you could show people how to fold them back up!

Joe said...

Jeff seems to be all about folding maps...

Joe said...

I honestly can't think of anything to add to Jeff and Susan's lists. Nice job, peoples!