Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Suggestion for working on product specification

Hi, Teams,

Jeff’s PPT is great. Thanks Anne and Jeff for putting things together. Look like we are almost there!

Our next step seems to be, identify objectives and work toward Design Concept document. My concern is what is our common consensus about product specification? I read from sample Design Concepts for PPT for Military and Word Style, both of the documents said that they are based on a specific Module (1 and 3) from their SS.

I suggest that we walk a little lower to product level specification instead of just a macro view as shown on slide 9. With the product specification, when we describe detailed design in our individual Concept Design document, we’ll sound like we are talking about the same product. To help explain my opinion, I drafted this system diagram. If we had something like this, we could each choose 1 module to work on without worrying about overlapping each other too much or conflicting with each other in next design document.

The diagram is only a draft to explain my meaning, it should be refined further. I used Joe’s three major goals plus Jeff’s Map Basic to form the Modules. We could also replace it with Jeff’s idea that stated in one of his email to us (as shown below). They have different approaches but will cover similar goals and objectives.

Hope I didn’t make things more confused!


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