Saturday, March 17, 2007

Minute for 1st Discussion & Things to Do before Next Discussion

If I put something in here that is wrong or that needs restatement or refinement, please correct it. (A wiki might be good for this part so we could refine right on the original instead of doing it through comments. This way we have to jump back and forth between original posts and responses.)

Our audience is people new to an area, but more specifically it is (I think) people who have immigrated, probably don't have good English skills, need to move around in a foreign city, and are not used to using maps.

So our content focus is map reading skills in a metropolitan area.

For the next meeting we should each:

1 - Refine the Instructional Goals with these learners and content in mind, and flesh some out with a few Instructional Objectives. This will start us developing ideas and getting a feeling about which part each of us would choose for more detailed work.

2 - Consider delivery systems for this, along with the constraints and enablers of the alternative systems.

3 - See if we can find learners to help us test/validate this later.

From Jeff

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