Sunday, March 18, 2007

Constraints/Enablers WEB-BASED training

Please add comments to this posting that identify constraints and enablers of the option of WBT given our learners and content.


Susan said...

1. Must have Internet connection. This might restrain the training place to office environment.
2. Learner who has not Internet skills will need basic training.

1. Could take advantage of web resources to make learning more informative and interesting.
2. By using internet resources, the development cost could be lower.
3. Could cover Internet map reading skills in the instruction product.

jeff said...

1. Once the students can manage the technology, this could be done anywhere, anytime (with a high-speed internet connection...)
2. Easily track progress of students through lessons and completion via an LMS.
3. Easily updatable.
4. Questions/issues could be sent via email link within the course to a content SME who monitors it. This could also provide a feedback source to course developers/maintainers.
5. Some level of collaboration might be possible with other learners. (Not sure about this one if it is just one day...)

1. Different computers and browsers (versions of browser, Flash, etc.) sometimes react differently.
2. No immediate human interface or collaboration with other learners.
3. As Susan said, this probably restrains it to a training site/office environment, at least to get started.
4. Realistically this would require a human trainer to jump start those who are truly computer beginners.

Joe said...


1. Need a computer. Yeah, that would pretty much require the office to maintain a set of training computers.

Jeff and Susan have already done a nice job with the rest of the constraints.


1. Asynchronous learning, allowing learner to work at their own pace.

2. Flexibility in the complexity of examples (maps with detailed information or more general maps for beginners)

3. Simple simulations with maps and pictures of various city intersections. Can more easily simulate actual driving situation. The learner could get lost and need to recover, etc.

Katie O. said...

Additional Enabler (copying this from my CBT Constraint post):

There is more opportunity to make the WBT specific to learner's geography. In WBT, user info can be solicited, and training material (maps and routes) that is specific to that user's geography are utilized.