Sunday, March 18, 2007

Instructional Goals and Objectives

OK, I've been thinking about instructional goals and what delivery method might provide the best vehicle for the user achieving these goals. Here are some ideas:

Goal 1: The student should be able to match their immediate surroundings in a major metropolitan area to a location on a map, using landmarks, street names and other visual cues. In other words, the student should be able to answer the question, "where am I?" using a map.

Objective 1: Given a picture of an intersection in a major city, the learner will be able to correctly identify the location of that intersection on a map of that city.

Delivery System: web or computer-based training. This training would provide the learner with image-and-text instruction, teaching the student how to identify key information in their vacinity, such as street names and landmarks, and matching that inforamation to a location on the map. A CBT or WBT system could provide sample maps which vary in detail and scope, according to the learner's expertise. Along with the sample map, the training would show a detailed picture of an intersection or other city location with enough information to match location to the map.

The advantage of the CBT or WBT delivery system is that, if a student needs a hint on identifying information in a picture, the instruction may circle or indicate such information, to guide the learner. This dynamic remedial assistance, along with the variability of map scale and detail, could only be practically achieved in a dynamic learning environment, such as that provided by CBT or WBT delivery systems.

OK. I need tea. I'll submit this and come back to bore you with more. :)


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