Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 18th Meeting Notes: DELIVERY SYSTEM

Team decided that Web-based delivery system was the most appropriate to this learner and learning context. The characteristics listed below describe this system: (please review and add to the enabler/constraint list- not included in this section

  • Maps/Skills could start simple and get more complex as student progresses through the training.
  • Learner moves at their own speed through the training (enabler to CBT or WBT)
  • Training is completed in the company’s office environment, where learner has access to the hardware necessary for the training (computer, internet, printer…)
  • Training includes a timed element where learner is required to make observations and come up with responses within a limited amount of time. This is to mimic the need for drivers to use maps quickly- when they are not actually driving, but rather are stopped at a stoplight, in traffic, or prior to starting the route. (enabler to CBT or WBT)
  • Training provides ‘hints’ available to learners who need cues to recognize the visual cues that will help them to locate where they are on a map. (enabler to CBT or WBT)
  • Training includes downloadable “map packets” or something accessible by print such that learners are also using a paper map, as they will be on the actual job.
  • Make paper map printable from within the training or make have a paper map at each training station that learners will need to use as part of the activities. (constraint for web-based, but we can work around it)
  • Some activities learners may have to use a combination of maps to complete the task.
  • This training is done in English, but upon successful implementation this training could be developed in other languages, or done as a cross-training where ESL learners could use English/Spanish (e.g) glossary tools to learn to read U.S. city maps.
  • Learner identifies their geographic location, and based on that information the training may focus on maps from that geography so learners get used to the maps that they’ll most likely be using. (enabler for web-based)

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Susan said...

I think the team has done a great job to make the product alive. I am concerning where is the system that can bring these good idea about. A system that provide real-time responses to learners will fit us. Could it be SecondLife, Joking.