Wednesday, March 28, 2007

System Specification

Hi folks. I'm feeling better, so I thought I'd put together some thoughts on the systems specification. I like what we have so far (WBT or CBT, allowing broad access and easy updates, along with printable maps), but I thought we'd get a bit more specific. I created some screen captures and some notes for each:


Advantages of WBT or CBT system
  • Opportunities for interactivity and active learning

Supporting text: a WBT or CBT system allows the developer to use a variety of tools for building interactive exercises, such as dynamic HTML, Flash, Captivate, etc. Instructional designers can create interactions to simulate the tasks involved in the course's map-reading objectives.


Advantages of WBT or CBT System, cont.
  • Allows for remedial assistance, as determined by learner

Supporting text: such interactive exercises allow the learner to request help, as needed. Given the number of hints requested by the learner, the training could provide simpler or more difficult examples (viz. simpler or more complex maps and simpler or more complex street scenes)


Advantages of WBT or CBT System, cont.

  • Learner success can be easily quantified, tracked and reported

Supporting text: Success criteria can be quantified, in terms of how many times the learner asked for help, or how many times the learner misidentified their location. Based on requests for help and correct answers, learners can self-check using these interactions to determine whether they have accomplished the objective. Further, scores can be saved in the LMS, by individual interactions and requests for help, allowing the delivery company to gather reports on their learners in order to determine the overall success of the training program.

I'm interested to hear what ya'll think.




Susan said...


This is a great assessment design: context-based problem solving, small step size, and immediate feedback. Look like you have had a good start for your concept design. Congratulation!

Joe said...

well, actually, I was hoping we could build a bit of it into our presentation, to fill out some detail. Do ya'll think it's appropriate?

Susan said...

Yes, I was suggesting we walk down a step and present some detail for the product. I think it will deliver an impression that we have done something through group work.

Katie O. said...

That is awesome. I would love to see that included in our SS slides!

jeff said...

I like it, too. It's a great example of the kinds of things we can do here.

And I like the way Susan put it into her last version of the PPT. Too much detail, like all 4 pictures, is probably to "design-ish" for the SS. But a one page example with some explanation is great.